Introducing – In Your Hands: Representing Diversity Through Art

We are in the process of leading a new and exciting project, aiming to raise awareness for people on the Autistic spectrum, and the charities that support them.


Alice Nicholls is a Colchester based portrait artist who was late diagnosed with autism during lockdown and shares her story through pencil art. 

Artist Alice Nicholls will complete and sell works of art in support of Autism awareness. One hundred per cent of the profits will be donated to a well known Autism charity whom we are delighted to have endorsement from.


Through the means of powerful artwork combined with celebrity influence and lived experiences of everyday people, we feel that between us, we can make this happen. With awareness and acceptance of Autism, we not only help individuals, families, and caregivers, but enrich society with diversity.

We would be honoured to get your involvement in our project! Please email with your name, location and your diagnosis story and we will come back to you. please be patient with us as we receive many emails.

Thank you for your valuable time. We hope to hear from you soon!