fine artist


fifteen years tattoo artistry / three

years fine artistry / masters degree

My art is inspired by human experience, symbolism, body language, neuroscience, and hand art history, exploring the deeper meaning of hand positioning and conveying a message.

I adore learning about people and their life journeys before undertaking a commission, which I believe enriches each piece of artwork to the highest level.

Imbedded in art history, hands have had many hidden meanings with their specific gestures, showing many emotions and conveying life stories within their subtle lines.

When I was a child, my parents owned a beautiful Alphons Mucha print called “Catherine”. She had the most delicate hands, and I was always fascinated with the simple depiction. Since then, I have developed a love for hands’ shape and movement and the stories behind them, wanting to share their beauty and substance with the world, a new spin on a personal portrait.

As the audience, I hope to allow you to see yourself within the subjects I draw and connect personally with the strength and reality portrayed.